Covid update

May 28, 2020

Dear YABCA members

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any lack of updates on our part. These have been strange and trying times, no more so than for the small businesses and organizations needing to shut down to help and adhere to the guidelines set by our local health authorities. Many have struggled, and many unfortunately have had to close their doors for good. Fortunately for our little martial arts club, we have been given a reprieve from our rental commitments for our Dojos, and because this club is not a business, and none of us are paid to run the club, overhead is a non-issue so we’ve had the privilege to be able to take our time to assess our current situation and the future of our club in the unclear times to come.

I’m sure that most of you are aware, BC has begun its phase 2 procedures regarding this pandemic and has amended certain restrictions to our daily social lives. Few businesses have begun operating again and certain schools are scheduled to start up again in July. With the restraints loosened most of us are now probably becoming a little restless, with the sunny Summer days not helping much. So we’ve decided to instigate a sort of soft reopening plan with the Vancouver dojo. As of right now, most municipal facilities in Maple Ridge are shut down until July 1st, 2020 with no guarantee that the date will not be pushed. Also, at this time we are NOT going to be starting up the CHILDREN’S class.

We are calling it a soft opening because our club is dependent on only making the rental fees of our dojo which is dependent on our members. If during this soft opening, we can demonstrate enough interest to train and to maintain enough bodies to collect dues and pay the bills, then we will officially open the club. During this time we will be instigating the required protocols to maintain the safety and health of our members.

  1. Optional face mask-wearing during training.
  2. Mandatory use of hand sanitizer before and after every class.
  3. No contact training unless requested. In the case of contact training, you will be paired with another student who wishes to train and you will maintain that pairing indefinitely.
  4. Dogis must be washed after every class.
  5. Mats will be washed after every class
  6. Class limit of 6 students plus one instructor. Class registration will be implemented.
  7. Try to come fully dressed in your dogi as space is very limited for changing at the dojo.

On top of reopening the dojo, we are also working on implementing a virtual dojo with training videos and zoom classes. It’s a work in progress and I will be giving updates. For the time being, please visit our website and register in the MEMBERS area. It will give you access to online material.

If you are interested in participating in a class, we are currently holding them every Monday at 630pm and Saturday at 130pm. Click the link below to register, first come first serve.

It’s unclear how long this new daily norm will continue for but we must not let it become our new reality. We must strive to live our lives free from the influences of fear.

YABCA Senior Members