Aikido Comes From The Sword

The founder developed much of empty handed Aikido from traditional sword and spear movements. Consequently, the practice of these movements both gives insight into the origin of techniques and movements, and reinforces the concepts of distance, foot movement, presence and connectedness with one’s training partners


The bokken, or wooden sword, is modeled after the Samuri sword of ancient Japan and is an extension of the slightly bent arm used in Aikido. Bokken practice is used to deepen the student’s understanding of Aikido, improve balance, posture, timing, distance, alertness and movement. It includes suburi, tachidori and kumitachi.


Jodo is often called ‘The way of the stick.’ This martial art uses a short wooden staff, called a ‘jo’ or ‘tsue’, to defend oneself against an attacker using a Japanese sword. The jo and the sword, called ‘tachi’, form a complimentary method of ‘keiko’ or training.


A Tanto is a Japanese short blade, much like a short Katana. Tanto Dori is the study of how to defend one self against an attacker wielding a knife. Tanto training can be dificult and dangerous so training starts at the senior levels.